About Us

    Our History

    2005——Three college students in Shanghai believed that the job search market was under-served. Based on that belief, they set out to build a website and a community that would serve the needs of college students like themselves and deliver the best user experience.

    2007——YingJieSheng.com began commercial operations. Since then, YingJieSheng.com has become the leading job search portal for college students in China, serving millions of college students each year.

    2015——Acquired by 51job, the leading integrated HR services provider in China, YingJieSheng.com will continue to focus on meeting the needs of college students and facilitate their job search and career development process to maximize their potential.

    About Us

    YingJieSheng.com is the leading online recruitment website focused on graduates and students in China.

    YingJieSheng.com provides real-time, complete and accurate information to graduates and students about full-time, part-time and internship job opportunities as well as campus talks, company visits, recruitment fairs and employment application deadlines. We also provide career advice, guidance and counseling to job seekers.

    YingJieSheng.com is committed to serving and satisfying the needs and demands of graduates and students, giving them the most comprehensive and effective online job seeking experience to smoothly transition from school to society.

    Our Mission

    We are dedicated to assisting every graduate and student to achieve job success, integrate into society and realize their dreams in life.

    Our Vision

    We believe that it is our responsibility to promote graduate employment with technological innovation and professionalism, and we aim to maintain the leading online graduate recruitment website in China.

    Our Value

    Create value for students

    Create value for enterprises

    Create value for employees

    Create value for society

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