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This is the manner by which it fits A sliding or squeezing condom can make you truly anxious. On the off chance that it's too wide, it can slide, in the event that it's excessively slender, it can tear. So on the off chance that you need flawless assurance, you ought to know your size, as when you purchase a defensive head protector. Your condom size – the width is definitive You focus your condom size with a measuring tape (or in a crisis, with a string that you later measure.) Place the measuring tape (or string) near to the body around the raised penis.

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Presently you know the border in millimeters. In any case, be careful: This is not the width! Since condoms width – yet not the edge – is constantly given, you isolate the border by two. Presently you know the condom width (in millimeters!) that is perfect for you. Coincidentally, the length isn't that essential. You can manage it by unrolling the condom. You ought to likewise realize that it's typical for the penis to change its size over the span of your life. Adolescents and more youthful men regularly have a more thin penis than more seasoned men – notwithstanding when erect. Furthermore, the extent of the erect penis can likewise rely on upon how much the erective tissue inside the penis will swell. You can check your measurements every once in a while, as your penis may at present still change.